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Silvertone 1460 Teisco-made 2pu, red, hollow body electric guitar This guitar is a 1969, Silvertone, thinline, hollow body electric guitar with a red finish that was made in Japan. The guitar is completely original (including the bridge cover which is almost always missing on these models) and includes the original chipboard case. It has a nice set of tuners that work very well. The neck pickup up is full sounding with a slight tinge of brightness. The bridge pickup is very bright and twangy. The action is set medium-fast. Overall, the guitar is quite beautiful. The one drawback is the neck has a slight relief and the truss rod has been adjusted as far as it will go. (See the detail photo of the neck)

The guitar was made in Japan by Teisco. Although, the interesting thing to note is there's a stamp inside the body that says "S-70, Made In USA." So it's possible this is one of the last Kay bodies made in the US and then shipped overseas for final assembly. Teisco bought Kay in the late 60's. It's also strange that the guitar is generally called a 1475 in the Sears catalogs yet this one is labeled 1460.

Teisco also made many of the Silvertone guitars from 1965-1970; check out the gallery and For Sale section for more info on them. If you'd like more information on Teisco guitars check out the TeiscoTwangers web site. -->

Here's the original description from the 1969 Sears catalog:

Ultra-slim body construction for teh most resonant sound in electric guitars.

Precesion construction plus final factory adjustment by American Craftsmen result in superb instruments. Each has a vibrato tailpiece for Hawaiian and other special effects. Celluloid-bound body and fingerboard. Inlaid position markers. LIned, vinyl-covered chipboard case included. Instructions, pick, 10-ft. cord.

Double pickup (3 combinations). Two solo-select switches for quick tone changes. Tone and volume controls. Cutaway design for easier fingering. Birch body. Rosewood fingerboard. Highly polished burgundy finish, all gold-color trim. 2 x 16 1/2 x 40 inches. From Japan.
57 G 1475L -- Shipping weight 14 pounds ... $124.95

Silvertone 1475 Item #: t4016 SOLD

Silvertone 1460 Teisco-made 2pu, red, hollow body electric guitar

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