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Harmony H956S: Montclair
Acoustic Guitar Circa 1958

Harmony H956S Montclair made by Harmony in Chicago, acoustic guitar, archtop, black finish, harmometal binding, birch top,made in 1958 This is an H956S guitar made by Harmony of Chicago circa 1958. It is an archtop, acoustic guitar featuring a black finish, Harmometal binding and decorative accents on the body, a raised, molded, thick, white plastic pickguard, a birch body, one white plastic strap button at the bottom, two f-holes, trapeze style fixed tailpeice, white celluloid binding on the neck, and an adjustable rosewood bridge. This guitar is gorgeuous and has stood the test of time. It is 100% original and comes with an orignal alligator-skin textured case. It still looks lovely, feels fantastic and sounds superb. Don't miss your chance to get this classic!

This guitar is 100% original. It is very clean and in good condition. On the back, there is a slight buckle rash and a small amount of crazing on each side of the waist. The bottom has four spots of wear near the strap pin. The case has taken on some wear over the years. The guitar looks fantastic, plays beautifully and sounds great!
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The 2x3 inline, opened-back tuners with white plastic buttons are in good working condition. They turn smoothly and hold the tuning well.
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The neck is in good shape. It's a straight, glued-on neck with circular, mother-of-pearl inlays on a rosewood fretboard, with 20 frets, and a 25" scale. The neck and headstock have a black finish, that matches the body. The headstock, featuring white, silkscreened "Harmony" and "Montclair" logos, have a very small amount of paint wear on some of the edges. The action is medium-fast. The neck is kept straight with a truss rod accessible beneath a white plastic plate on the headstock. Description from

The guitar has a warm feel, and bright resonance perfect for blues, folk, country, jazz and rock.

The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 41.5"Description from
    Body width: 16.5"
    Body thickness: 3.5" with neck 3.75"Description from
    Scale: 25" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1.75" (depth 7/8")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/8"

Original catalog description of the H956S:

Grand Auditorium Professional Model
At the forefront of modern guitar styling. The aero-jet-like application of bright Harmometal on the front and top and back edges gives brilliant contrast to the highly polished, rich-black finish. "Slim Line" professional neck with TORQUE-LOK reinforcing rod. Ovalled fingerboard, with celluloid bound edges. Compensating tailpiece. Thick plastic pickguard. Sizw, 40 1/2 x 16 5/8 inch.
956S..........Each $62.50A
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Harmony Montclair H956S Item#: h3062 $1249
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Harmony H956S Montclair made by Harmony in Chicago, acoustic guitar, archtop, black finish, harmometal binding, birch top,made in 1957

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