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MOSRITE: VENTURES MARK V electric guitarThis is an extremely rare Mosrite Ventures Mark V (Mark 5) electric guitar. It was purchased in 1968 and had been with the original owner since that time but I'd estimate it was made in 1966. The serial number on the neck is B968. This guitar has the tonal range you're looking for; it goes from a raspy surf sound to smooth jazz and straight up rock. The neck feels amazing and has the action set fast. This is a solid body guitar. It has the die cast Moseley tail piece which eliminated the mute mechanism that was part of the original Vibramute Ventures tailpiece. This Mark V has the "M" stamped, hat type volume and tone knobs with "T" and "V" along with the numbers 1-5 on the base portion. The neck is made from rock maple and is very thin with the infamous, very low, Mosrite "speed frets." This guitar also has the "zero-fret"; an extra fret just before the nut. The pick-ups are original Mosrite single coils. The guitar is in great condition except for some buckle rash on the back and some minor wear on the upper part of the neck. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. This "The Ventures Mark V" is 100% original and includes the original hard-shell case. Description from

Mosrite guitars were first established in 1952 by Semi Moseley and Ray Boatwright. The name was created by merging their last names. Semi Mosely founded the company after leaving Rickenbacker. This guitar was made in the USA at the Bakersfield California factory in 1966. The full "The Ventures" line consisted of the Mark I, Mark V, Mark X (bass) and Mark XII (12 string.) The Ventures line started in 1963 and ran through 1967; when the licensing agreement with The Ventures ended. There were approximately 1500 of these Mark V's made; so this would be about the 268th Mark V made which makes it extremely rare.Description from

Here's the original description from the Mosrite promotional materials (circa 1966):
The Mark V is similar to the Mark I with a few exceptions. Although smaller and lighter, this beautiful instrument maintains the same remarkable features so widely accepted in the original Semi Moseley design. It possesses a true and stay-tuned vibrato, a slender speed neck...lighter slim-fit body...the fuller range of high and lows...they're all there. This model meets the demands of a moderately priced instrument and is guaranteed to excite the most particular in music. A TRULY REMARKABLE INSTRUMENT. Price: $299.95   Case: $48.00Description from

Here's the original description from the Mosrite promotional materials (circa 1966) for The Ventures line but specifically the Mark I guitar:Description from
The MARK I design, as well as the other models, arose from the meticulous demands of the World's foremost instrumental group, THE VENTURES. This guitar is truly a musical masterpiece and boast such newer features as a lighter slim-fit body...a slender speed neck...adjustable hi-fi pickups...a complete fuller range of highs and lows...more drive and patented needle bearing locks and a vibrato...tone and volume control for a audio range...all among other outstanding features. TRY THIS BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENT TODAY AND COMPARE. Price: $398.00   Case: $54.00Description from

THE VENTURES are the world's No. 1 instrumental group. Their recordings sell in the millions. They are perfectionists in every sense of the word and it was inevitable that they demand the finest in guitars. The result was the distinguished THE VENTURES MODELS designed to meet the highest standards by Mosrite of California.
Description from

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Mosrite - The Ventures - Mark V (Mark 5) solidbody electric guitar
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