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This is a 1962 Silvertone made by Danelectro. This is the one pick up amp-in-case model. This model is part of the amp-in-case line but does NOT included the amp-in-case.

This guitar is in very good condition for it's age. It is 100% original. There are a few nicks and the finish is cracking in places but that only adds to it's character. The back of the neck is worn from playing. Someone must have really loved this guitar and wanted to make sure it never got stolen so they etched their names in the finish on the back of the headstock and back of the body. That's the only thing that makes this very good instead of excellent. All the electronics work properly and the neck is straight. The action is set medium-fast. So you can use this for slide or have it set up to your taste.Description from

Here's the original description from the 1964 Sears catalog:

Electric Guitar OutfitDescription from
Single-pickup Guitar with 5-in. speaker, amplifier built into carrying beginner's record.

The Guitar..fine quality, fine sound from solid-center-body electric guitar. About 34x13x2 inches. In glistening black finish with silver-color accents. 18-fret fingerboard of Brazilian rosewood. Separate tone and volume control on body.Description from

Case and Amplifier..styled in simulated-leather-covered hardboard with accents to match guitar. 2 tubes plus rectifier for rich reproduction. about 37x15x3 in. With chord charts and pick.

57 X 1448L - Shipping weight 23 poundsDescription from

Danelectro Amp In Case model #1448 Item #: d2018 SOLD

Danelectro - 1448 - Silvertone
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