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Vintage Silvertone guitars
Silvertone 1420L - Harmony Stratotone - 2 pickup, black hollow body electric guitar made in Chicago IL USA circa 1961 is a curated collection of electric guitars chosen for their unique tone, design, and significance in electric guitar history from approximately 1950-1980. This collection approaches electric guitars from the underdog perspective. So we carry guitars built for the masses, luthiers & manufacturers who pushed the boundaries as to what was possible in terms of not only instrument quality but tone. Design also plays an important consideration in this collection. Alternative materials, innovative tuning systems, and high quality-low cost manufacturing processes are only some of the unique qualities found on instruments at

Silvertone 1490 bass - solid body, 2pickups, sunburst, made in Japan by Teisco for Silvertone-Sears in 1969 This site was started to establish an accurate history of Silvertone guitars and has now expanded into other manufactures. Silvertones were created for Sears by a variety of manufacturers including Harmony, Danelectro, Kay, National/Valco/Supro, and Teisco of Japan. You can read more about VintageSilvertones in the gallery area.

These guitars are all ones we would like to own (and do) so we hope you'll want to enjoy them too. Welcome to!

Silvertone -Harmony-made - 1480 solid body electric guitar with two red pickups and red knobs, whammy bar December 1967 NEW-SILVERTONES [see all]:
Recent Silvertone acquisitions in the for sale include:
Silvertone U2/1359
Silvertone 1303/U2
Silvertone Danelectro 1452
Silvertone Harmony Jupiter 1423
Silvertone Harmony 1420 Stratotone
Silvertone Harmony 1420 Stratotone
Silvertone Harmony 1454
Silvertone Harmony 1446
Silvertone Harmony 1480
Silvertone Kay 658 acoustic
Silverton Teisco 1490 bass

Many more guitars coming soon: Silvertones (Danelectro U2, Bass, Speedster), Danelectro, Edwards, Magnatone, and others will be online soon...stay tuned!
Silvertone 1359 made by Danelectro U2, two pickup, electric guitar, semi-hollow body, ginger tolex covered body with brown tolex binding, masonite body, lipstick pickup, made in 1956 FEATURED GUITARS:
Silvertone 1359/U2
This is an extremely rare Silvertone 1359 (Danelectro model: U2), "peanut" (smaller body) two pickup, electric guitar made by Danelectro in 1956. It has a tan and ginger simulated leather finish with two lipstick pickups and a semi-hollow body. It was made in Neptune New Jersey. [more]

Silvertone 1303 made by Danelectro U2, two pickup, electric guitar, semi-hollow body, black, masonite body, lipstick pickup, made in 1958Silvertone U2
Silvertone 1303/U2 electric guitar made by Danelectro of Neptune, New Jersey in 1958. Black finish with two lipstick pickups and a semi-hollow, masonite body. [more]

MicroFrets Stage 2, two pickups, cherry/transred semihollow body electric guitar with original case made in Frederick, Maryland, USA Here are our recent acquisitions:
Avalon AV-2T
Baldwin-Burns 706
Danelectro 3021 Jimmy Page-model
Epiphone Casino-Robert Quine owned
Jerry Jones Electro-Acoustic
Kapa Challenger hollow body
Kapa 506 hollow body
Micro-Frets Stage II
Supro Sahara reso-glas
Westone Dan Armstrong III t-shirt MERCH:
Want to wear a VintageSilvertones t-shirt; then check out a whole new set of T-Shirts designs with a Rockin' Silvertone Guitar on them! We are also now offering a few other Silvertone items including: a notepad, mousepad, clock, and sweatshirt. T-Shirts - New Improved, Stronger Than Dirt!

Avalon AV-27, 2 pickup electric guitar solid body tobaccoburst, made in Japan - The Shaggs model circa 1968
BURNS-BALDWIN Model 706 ES-335 style semi-hollow body translucent red finish, made in Italy assembled in the US

Danelectro Standard 3021, semi-hollow body, electric guitar with 2 pickups in black 1959

Epiphone Casino - Robert Quine's 1995 2 pickup (Duncan's) black semi-hollow body including a package of Robert Quine collectables

JW Jones - Jerry Jones - electro-acoustic solid body electric guitar - custom made circa 1987

Kapa Challenger 2 pickup sunburst semihollow body assembled in Maryland circa 1967

Kapa 506 2 pickpu sunburst semihollow body assembled in Maryland parts from Japan-Germany circa 1970

Silvertone 658 - acoustic black circa 1965 - NOS new old stock includes original case, paperwork, and shipping box from Sears

Silvertone Jupiter-Harmony Stratotone-1423L 2pickup electric

Supro Sahara model S470, red, reso-glas, semi-hollow body, electric guitar made by Supro/National/Valco of Chicago, IL in 1963

Westone Dan Armstrong III 2 pickup black solid body electric guitar 1991
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