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This is an early 1960's Silvertone made by Danelectro. This is the higher-end two pick up amp-in-case model in black. This guitar has two lipstick pickups. This model is part of the amp-in-case line but does NOT included the amp-in-case. The 1449 has a slightly different pick-guard and is far more rare than the 1457, it's cousin.

This guitar is in very good condition for it's age. It is all original except for a few screws on the pick-guard and the strap pin has been replaced with a screw (go figure.) There are a few nicks and the finish is cracking in places but that only adds to it's character. The Brazilian rosewood neck on this is beautiful. It's got an amazing swirl to the wood grain. The back of the neck is has minor from playing. All the electronics work properly and the neck is straight. The action is set very fast on this one. So if you're a player you'll really love this one right out of the box.

Danelectro Amp In Case model #1449 Item #: d2017 SOLD

Danelectro - 1449 AmpInCase- Silvertone
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